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Zinc + Sulfur Masque

$ 40.00

Skin with visible imperfections will find fast relief from soothing, pore-purifying Zinc oxide and Eucalyptus essential oil, oil-reducing Zinc PCA, shine-reducing Sulphur and astringent Witch Hazel. 

Improvement is obvious as soon as the masque is removed. May be used daily as a ‘spot’ treatment for troubled areas, or as an all-over treatment 1-3 times a week.

ESTHETICIAN'S TIP: This masque could be used as it is, directly from the jar, on slightly damp skin. For prolonged application, the masque can be mixed with Aloe Vera gel or Organic Revitalizing Mask. Perfect for spot treatment of acne, calming of redness and to soothe insect bites.

For all the sports enthusiasts, such as: surfers, hikers, and all other outdoor activities, this product serves as a great physical sun barrier for those over exposed facial areas such as nose and ears. 

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Zinc oxide, Zinc PCA, Sulfur Eucalyptus.

SKIN TYPES: All except dry.

Size: 2 oz


As seen on Jetsetter
"Zinc has healing properties and biosulfur will instantly calm oily red skin and swelling. This mask travels well and is versatile in that it can be mixed with any cream or aloe vera gel. It's also a great spot treatment for insect bites or sunburns."- JETSETTER


Internationally known celebrity Esthetician and Acne Specialist Biba de Sousa has curated her own luxurious performance skin care collection, which ensures a flawless skin complexion and healthy, natural look.


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