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Salicylic Acid Gel

$ 28.00

This exfoliating gel will help slough off dead skin cells and has disinfecting and anti-itching properties. It is ideal for Acne, Oily and Rosacea skin.

ESTHETICIAN'S TIP: Nothing fights Rosacea better than Salicylic acid gel!  Pair with Oil Balancing Toner, Zinc + Sulphur Masque and Hydrating Gel.

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: 7% Salicylic acid, Glycerin. 

SKIN TYPE: Oily/Acne and especially Rosacea.

Size: 1 oz

Internationally known celebrity Esthetician and Acne Specialist Biba de Sousa has curated her own luxurious performance skin care collection, which ensures a flawless skin complexion and healthy, natural look.


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