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Mandelic Meta Serum

$ 70.00

Mandelic Acid is the least irritating of AHA's. This serum gently exfoliates the skin surface and lifts the pigment caused by sun damage or scarring. It displays unique antibacterial and anti fungal properties to alleviate inflamed acne and rosacea related skin eruptions.

ESTHETICIAN'S TIP: This products is to be paired with Mandelic Wash, Scrub and Toner. The synergy of this product collection is effective against body acne, including acne caused by friction, sweating and heat. It could be used as a spot treatment on pigmented lesions anywhere on the skin.

SKIN TYPE: All, except sensitive. Especially beneficial for Butt and Chest Acne.

Size: 1 oz

Internationally known celebrity Esthetician and Acne Specialist Biba de Sousa has curated her own luxurious performance skin care collection, which ensures a flawless skin complexion and healthy, natural look.

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