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Acne Wash

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This powerful performing cleanser is a favorite among our acne prone clients, and is designed for oily acne prone skin and can be also used on acne rosacea.

Its exfoliating, gentle and creamy formula offers thorough antibacterial action and cleansing without stripping effect. It doesn’t contain potentially irritating acids and can be used daily or twice a day as needed, without causing sensitivities. 

Acne Wash will remove traces of makeup, oil and environmental pollution and will leave the skin fresh, clean and ready for toning and treatment.

FOLLOW UP WITH: 1. Hydrating Toner for moisture balancing. 2. Oil Balancing Toner for thick, oily skin. 3. AHA Toner for freshening and exfoliating effect. 4. Mandelic Toner for pigmented, sensitive oily skin or any skin type with inflamed acne (pustules).

ESTHETICIAN'S TIP: When applying this cleanser, do not rinse off immediately, allowing the product act as an anti-bacterial by leaving it on the skin for at least 30 seconds. Daily use of this product could cause dryness on dehydrated/sensitive skin types and we advise to self asses the need to reduce the frequency of use of the Acne Wash. Self-assessment would be in this case be reducing or stopping the use of the product for 3 days and observing the skin condition. If the skin does not feel balanced and less taut, the cleanser is too drying and would need to be used less frequently.

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide 

SKIN TYPES: Oily and Acne Prone. Body (Chest, Butt and Back) Acne. Not suitable for pregnant and lactating clients.

Size: 8 oz


Internationally known celebrity Esthetician and Acne Specialist Biba de Sousa has curated her own luxurious performance skin care collection, which ensures a flawless skin complexion and healthy, natural look.

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