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“When I need a facial, Biba is my fave – I’ve been going to her for years!” 
– Rachel Zoe, Fashion Designer & Stylist, Los Angeles


Q: You’ve got such flawless skin. What’s your secret?

A: "I go to an amazing aesthetician, Biba de Sousa, at Biba West Hollywood, once a month.” 

– Emily Blunt, InStyle Magazine, March 2012


“I have been a client of Biba for the past 5 years and she has completely transformed my skin. Biba always reads about the latest technology and has a gift of creating combinations of products for each individual. The difference between Biba and other Estheticians is that she performs different treatments for what your skin needs during that specific treatment rather than doing the same procedure each time. I have always trusted Biba 100% to do what she feels is right for me and it has been one of the best investments I have ever made!” -Karen Zambos, Fashion Designer, Los Angeles 


“I’m no stranger to facials at high-end spas in Los Angeles, but I’ve always been suspicious that amidst fluffy bathrobes and flouncy music hid treatments that were superficial at best. Biba is different. She pays attention to my skin, figures out exactly what it needs, and although I’ve no idea what concoctions and machines she uses on my face, I leave her studio looking like I just got back from a long vacation. And there’s no push to buy an entire line of products. Yes, I’m a dude, but I’m a dude who works on camera. Ain’t no shame in wanting to look my best.” -Adam S. Los Angeles


“Biba de Sousa is the biggest hidden secret in Hollywood! Before I met her I was battling acne and discoloration, spending thousands of dollars on products and lasers at high profile skin facilities with no lasting results. I’ve been a dedicated client for about 5 years now, my skin has never looked better, I look younger than I did in my 20′s, and I get complimented on my skin on a daily basis. As an actress my face is my calling card, and I trust no one but her to take care of it. She’s completely transformed my skin and restored my confidence again. Biba truly is an absolute maverick in skin care and my own personal skin guru.” -Michelle Borth, Actress, Los Angeles


“Biba is THE best, bar none. I first went to her for my adult acne, which she fixed expertly, and now I keep coming back for the anti-aging benefits of her customized facials. The woman knows her stuff, from the latest skin care technology to the best natural remedies, and somehow magically gives me the most glowing, clean, younger-looking skin. People think that I’m years younger than I am, or that I must have had “work” done. For someone plagued with skin issues all her life, it’s amazing to hear people comment on how great my skin looks. Thanks, Biba!" -Amber S., Los Angeles


“Biba has transformed my skin. She is absolutely THE BEST facialist to have ever worked on my skin. Her method (and knowledge) is completely unique -none of the usual steam, clean, mask, and cream.At each session Biba studies the skin to determine what it needs at that time, whether it’s cleansing, many of the types of exfoliation methods that she has in her armory, or skin tightening. I will make the list short because I don’t know all the modalities that she interchanges during the facial. What I appreciate is that she doesn’t charge differently for each treatment, there are no annoying add-ons. She is worth every dollar spent. I LOVE her.” -Lesley Markovitz, Los Angeles


"I have been seeing Biba now for 8 months, I go once a month for a facial. When I came to her I was suffering from horrible acne; inflamed cysts with redness and small acne bumps all over my face! It was horrible! I was on the brink of trying accutane :( slowly but surely every month my acne got better and better and at about 6 months I was literally acne free! I stopped getting cysts right away when I started seeing her and now at 8 months I maybe get one small pimple a month if even that! My skin is healthy and has been repaired in so many ways from a better completion, less oil and no redness and No cysts! I can't tell you how much I love Biba and how much she healed my skin!! I followed her advice and product regimen exactly as she told me and it worked! She's the best !! :) " - Jess, 30 years old  


“Whoever works on my head must have a level of consciousness and presence in their life, and that person is Biba.  When people ask me how I look so young I tell them meditation, my 5 Tibetan rites and of course Biba, the most amazing Esthetician. She is present and her focused, loving intention when working on you creates the magic that creates beauty from the inside out, this sets her aside from anyone else.” - Patti Penn, Reiki Master Yogi



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