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About Esthetic Underground

Talent and top-notch educationCity of Beverly Hills Sign in the field of esthetics, combined with a supporting line of proficiently curated skin care products, engineered to help our clients maintain their skin at home, have made Esthetic Underground, Inc. famed. We developed a line of products for acne and problem skin that has proven to change the lives of many satisfied customers, and with no need to resort to prescription drugs. Our line has since expanded to a variety of organic and anti-aging products.

When you consider all of the skin care products advertised and sold on the market, you must realize the number of anonymous distributors and products, and the serious lack of credibility on most of them.

Products that aren’t being tested in actual treatment rooms, thus missing factual evidence to back up their product claims. For example, two moms started a skin care company without any practical experience, certification in esthetics, chemistry, or medical science; skin care products made in someone’s kitchen, yikes! In addition, the products from chemical industry conglomerates with generic purpose, and who also do not provide client support. Lastly, the celebrity endorsed products with dubious claims, which simultaneously originate in common cosmetic laboratory stock.

The nature of many contemporary skin care products are active, often leading to dryness and irritation of the skin, if not used properly. With Esthetic Underground you do not need to worry about our products performance and safety as you use them. All of our products are used in our skincare studio on thousands of clients during treatments, regularly, and for a number of years. Biba personally monitors her clients’ skin condition and coaches them to properly care for their own skin. As a result, we have perfected a system of different product combinations within our line, which cater for a variety of skin issues.

Understanding that each skin is different led us to a number of different product combinations as well as frequency of use guidelines. This individualized approach has afforded us a successful battle against acne and the ability to give our clients with other skin concerns the beautiful looking and healthy skin they deserve.

To reach faster results in attaining skin homeostasis, please consult our 'instructions' sections with detailed text dedicated to each one of our products.

We are looking out for you and will do our best to be as specific as we can, with easy to follow directions for all Esthetic Underground products.



Esthetic Underground Inc. Team


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