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“You just don’t become an esthetician, you must be born one,” says Biba de Sousa, a Beverly Hills licensed esthetician and president of Esthetic Underground, Inc., an online boutique store that focuses in skin care treatments via a more personalized approach.

Biba's expertise lies in the treatment of acne and non-invasive, scientifically supported results oriented facial treatments. Biba combines her passion for beautiful skin with years of study and research in esthetics and cosmetic chemistry to the deliver the art of healing through her touch.

Born and raised in an experimental society in former Yugoslavia, currently known as the Republic of Serbia, de Sousa is part of a generation that demanded the best in skin care and fashion, especially intensified by the post war years. Biba learned about the indulgences of self-care and beauty at a very young age as she often accompanied her mother to the local beauty salon. Her mom visited the salon twice weekly, so that her stylist could wash and set up her hair. 

At age 14, Biba experienced her first facial treatment and Biba’s fascination with the transition from the simple and practical every day life to the exuberant indulgences of self-care is what birthed passion for skin care. Unfortunately, her family had other plans for her and sent her to law school. Still, after law school and determined to follow her passion and dreams, Biba left for the United States to study arts, and eventually return to her true passion, the art of esthetics. And with the help of a savvy mentor, such as Douglas Preston, and intensive studies in esthetics and cosmetic chemistry, Biba quickly built a Los Angeles based skin care studio in Beverly Hills.

With a famed status that continues to organically grow, Biba attributes her success to word-of-mouth advertising, a warm and friendly approach, and the highest quality of products and services. “I keep a carefully curated collection of performance products in stock and I work closely with each client to develop the most effective procedure for their skin,” says Biba.

Biba’s practice steadily attracts prominent clients who seek the best quality skin care and sincerity at the same time. She has established a significant network of complimentary service providers, and is happy to provide her clients with the best possible concierge skin care service experience when they visit her studio. In addition to being a voice in professional skin care circles and contributing to professional Esthetic organizations, Biba dedicates time to various women's charities. She also spends her free time cooking vegetables, creating art projects and raising her two adorable dogs, Kiki and Pluto.



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