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Just the fact that one has Summer plans, means that they are living a passionate existence! 

Everyone is looking forward to doing something fun in the Sun. The motto 'work hard - play hard' is finally being put to use, whether it is a gardening or home remodeling project, backyard BBQ, beach outing, exotic vacation, or just a decision to hike with your dog in the morning more often. 

May is an ideal month to make plans for the Summer, which unofficially starts on Memorial Day weekend and lasts until Labor Day weekend. Those three precious months give us something to look forward to in the wintry days, make us swoon with desire to get lost in Paris, sip margaritas in Cabo or sail the Caribbean Islands!


Summer travel season is right around the corner! 


As welcoming as this season is, summer traveling can present a challenge to proper skin care. Wherever we go, we should inquire about the length of transportation, local climate, accommodations and activities. All of these will determine what we will pack, and what and how we will use our skin care. Uncomfortable feeling skin can definitely ruin one's vacation!

If you desire a luxury vacation in which you will spend a lot of time at the hotel or resort spa, then packing too many cosmetics (especially masks and exfoliants) may not be necessary. 

Choosing a more active trip such as week-long mountain hiking, usually means bringing miniature containers and bare bones beauty products. If this is your vacation of choice, you'll need to precisely measure the amount of products needed and stick to what is absolutely necessary to bring along: cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, etc.


Pack light and right for your trip!


A visit to the relatives or second home provides a relaxing, non-disturbed skin routine, and often, a second set of your regular skin care products comes in handy, because you can pamper and treat yourself without obstacles and space constraints.

Most people commonly travel by plane. Have you noticed that even after a short flight that you may feel 'tired and dehydrated? That is exactly what is happening: singlet oxygen, one of the worst reactive oxygen species, is being produced in the aircraft cabin and is attacking our skin cells! Therefore, it is wise to take antioxidants before and after the flight with plenty of water. Antioxidant spray for the face releases that skin-polluting tension that we often feel on the airplane. UVA radiation is stronger in the aircraft because of the high altitude, so sunscreen is a must, especially if you sit next to the window. Some airplanes now have polarized windows (like The Dreamliner), but nevertheless, it is recommended to still pack travel size sunscreen and sunglasses in your carry-on bag.


Hats, scarves, sunblock and shades are must haves.


Here are some in flight beauty tips for reference:

Regardless of where we go, the one thing you really want to pay attention to is sunburn! We have to try to stay in the shade as much as possible during the hours when UV rays are their strongest (11am-4pm) and always wear a proper hat. Never stay in the sun for too many hours. UV protective hats are available in many styles and are easily packable. For the sake of health, we can sacrifice daytime glamour just a little, and, by wearing a hat we are also protecting our hair from being damaged by UVA rays.  If the weather will be windy or you are going to sailing trip, a hat with a chin strap is the most practical, so it doesn't fly off. Lightweight scarves will prevent the chest and shoulders from burning and look perfectly chic. 

For water sports, on top of your high SPF sunscreen, it is wise to add an additional application of zinc paste on your nose, ears and undereye area. There are no waterproof sunscreens, regardless of what advertisements claim, so reapply sunscreen each time you leave the water. Sunscreen can be slightly water resistant, but as anything, water will wash off and weaken the sunscreen. If you are swimming in the pool, be sure to rinse off the chlorine. Chlorine dries the skin and can activate acne in some people.


Think Zinc for ultimate sun protection.


Don't forget to protect your feet and hands during the day. Insect repellent will help ward off not just pesky and sometimes dangerous mosquitoes, but also all sorts of bugs, ticks and spiders. If you are going to areas known for snakes, it is wise to tuck pant legs into hiking boots and lace them tightly, or wear tall cowboy boots. This also helps to prevent contact with noxious plants that can graze against our skin unnoticeably.

When I travel, I travel prepared: small antibiotic ointment and band aids for accidental cuts, hydrocortisone for rashes and benzoyl-peroxide for breakouts caused by flying, sweating or acne-triggering foods. Most of the time they are not needed, but once the situation calls for these remedies, you'll be very proud of yourself for thinking ahead. It is not fun to trek Machu Picchu with a bleeding thumb, wrapped in tissue paper!



On my Caribbean vacation I tried Heliocare  as an additional antioxidant to prevent sunburns. It worked besides few freckles that are unavoidable, and I came home only one shade darker! Bingo!

Drinking carrot juice daily will help your body to store Beta Carotene which has natural sun protecting properties.

If you are boating or surfing, try leaving your sunscreen on 24/7. Yes, overnight too. Sunscreen takes 20 minutes or so to start working, so this way, you are ready to be in the sunlight at all times.

Complex vitamin B and garlic are known as mosquito repellents because the body excretes the excess through the skin. However, do not only rely on these, but use as an additional natural repellent. Avoid repellents with 'DEET' because of the harmful side effects.


 Heliocare and carrot juice for sunburn protection and avoid DEET bug repellants!



Instantly shower with cold water and do it  often. If you can, submerge your entire body in cold water to cool the skin down. Apply cold yogurt or aloe vera gel to prevent blisters from forming. Keep reapplying until the skin doesn't feel hot to the touch. Hydrating the top layer of the skin will prevent it from separating from the dermis and will reduce the damage caused by peeling. Zinc Sulfur Mask, mixed with Aloe Vera gel is excellent for bringing the redness and skin inflammation down.


 Yogurt and aloe are sunburn skin savers.



Beware of dangers when taking phytotoxic medications, antidepressants, antifungals, antimalaric, heart meds, diuretics, St. John's Wort, etc. when you are exposed to UVA rays. Always read the side effects listed on the medication box!!!



Plants can be phytotoxic in the Sun, especially citrus. For example, drinking margaritas in the sun can sometimes cause severe skin burns (photodermatitis) that will take months to heal. :( If you are cutting limes, do not do it in the sun, and either wear protective gloves or wash your hands well immediately after cutting. I had clients who thought that they had sat in battery acid while enjoying themselves by the pool in Mexico, but it turns out it was just a margarita they had spilled that caused the severe burn!



For sun protection and post sun moisturizing I recommend our Gentle Mandelic Cleansing Gel, Hydrating Toner, Meta C Serum, Gentle Bamboo Scrub, Image Daily Matte Moisturizer SPF 32+, Collagen Loss Prevention Serum, Daily Meta Moisturizer, and the Zinc and Sulfur Masque is excellent for sunburns, as I previously mentioned.

Check out our full line of sun skin care products!


Summer is a time for letting go, getting out, and soaking up all the mood enhancers from all that natural vitamin D. It's always important to achieve a good balance of fun, relaxation and work, otherwise what's it all worth? Treat yourself to a vacation or just a beach day, I think the only side effects are stress relief and possibly a nice tan. (If you don't forget your sunblock!)


 See you at the beach! 


As always, feel free to reach out with any comments, feedback, or questions. I am always happy to answer:

XO, Biba


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