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Introducing the NEW Esthetic Underground Blog

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Hello Everyone & Welcome to

Esthetic Underground’s First Blog!  

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It has been long overdue, but here we are, finally - the blog is born! In order to connect followers to my everyday practice procedures, challenges, and real treatment room experiences. I will now share my thoughts on topics, products, and all equipment that come by my way. We even promise not to slouch with the behind the scenes either.

This impulse came from a frustrating fact, that what has been shared about esthetics and the beauty industry in the media, often times does not come from a working esthetician or a qualified reviewer. So, we end up with labels and opinions that paint the truth with wrong colors. Although the readers might not be aware of this fact, to us, skin care professionals, is very clear. Lack of good information is due to the fact that we are too busy in the treatment room and have little to no time to write.  I thought that it would be interesting to share my thoughts and findings, especially regarding the fact that I work in glamorous Hollywood.

About me and my practice. I am a Licensed Esthetician in the State of California and in 2011 I started my solo practice in Beverly Hills. Since then I built the reputation and huge following based on the multi-prong approach to skin analysis and treatment solutions, which is a result of my obsessive research and constant learning about esthetics and related fields.

Over the course of 15 years, I tested and used hundreds of esthetic devices, products and methods of skin treatment. I singlehandedly performed over 10,000 facials, and still, I regularly attend skin care conferences, specialty classes and I network with hundreds of Estheticians around the world. For me, there is nothing more fulfilling and rewarding than learning and applying my knowledge in the treatment room.

This year, Breno Silva joined my operation. Breno has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing and is an experienced world traveler, which matches my view on things in life. Since his arrival to Esthetic Underground, Inc., I was able to catch up with some important developmental steps such as online store launching. His skills and vision are invaluable contributions to the overall business growth and to online store daily operations.  We are having so much fun with executing artistic and business decisions as we go and I am very happy with him being on my team!

Besides acne and problem skin maintenance, my practice also provides anti-aging and various advanced beautifying methods, which we will introduce to you at a later edition of this blog.   

Thank you for making the time to read this introductory post, and stay tuned for the next blog. And yes, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter! 


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